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wrack and drift

ivon oates and Julie Penfold edited a 60 minute ‘mash’ of visual footage which was responded to by six different musical acts for ten minutes in succession. The video included footage from b-side artists, archival footage and local images around Weymouth coasts woven through the 1916 silent film classic ‘ 20 000 leagues under the sea’ and featuring film excerpts from South West filmakers and artists James Dean, Sue Austin, Ivon Oates, Lucy Watkins and Thomas Hughes.

Awarding winning Bristol based musicians Eyebrow, Pete Judge and Paul Wigens, Tim Hill from street band Tongues of Fire, circuit bending mayhem, DIY electronics supplied by Hacker Farm Farmer Glitch, Kek-W and Bren, electronic exotica from Alex Mckechnie, Ram Jam on the DJ decks all mixed and served up by Andrew Cleeton aka 'Doctor Ordered' ex Hacienda resident DJ and our MIXMASTER for the night.

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