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ecoacoustics: up the road

Bournemouth Natural Science Society Museum 4th & 5th May 2019

An installation and live sound performance organised by: Adrian Newton • Ambrose Seddon • Marcus Leadley • David Rogers

ecoacoustics, an emerging interdisciplinary field that explores the sounds made by species in human-modified and pristine environments.

ecoacoustics also lies at the interface of art and science, providing insights into how we humans are modifying the world around us, and raising awareness of our role in environmental change.

photo: David Rogers

up the road is a sound composition using field recordings of sounds ‘up the road’. Located in a rural area of Dorset with farming the sounds traverse the grey areas between ‘human-modified’ and ‘pristine’ environments. The road as the liminal zone negotiated by both human and wildlife allowing interactivity and exploited by both.

listen here:

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