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still from event 

photo by Julie Penfold

wavelength: documenting
Rampisham Transmission Station.

Medium: Video / Sound

Artists: ivon oates / Duncan Whitley


A collaborative site specific project by ivon oates and Duncan Whitley at Rampisham Transmission Station. 


The unique environmental conditions and utilitarian construction are juxtaposed in visual imagery with sound recordings taken from antennae and structures at different locations around the site to compose a multichannel sound/visual installation, presented at Kingcombe Centre as a screening event at AudioLab2012.

The project started in 2009 during a SALT residency organised by PVA MediaLab. 


The Rampisham Transmission Station site is a 140 hectare rural location in Dorset and, until recently, has transmitted digital and short and medium wave radio from broadcasting stations internationally. As the only installation capable of reaching all parts of the globe, this historically significant site has played major broadcasting roles as a BBC world service station during the 2nd WW, and the cold war. This site is now decommissioned. 


Duncan Whitley:


Sound : : surface : : space



Stepping into a plastic architecture of space sculpted by an aural environment.

..." Growing from other turbulences, in the erasure of contour, turbulence ends only in watery froth or in a flowing mane. Inflection itself becomes vortical, and at the same time its variation opens onto fluctuation, it becomes fluctuation."

 pg17, “The Fold” Giles Deleuze


ivon oates continues the experiment, after presenting ARRAY 13 at AudioLab2012, a collaborative site specific project with Duncan Whitley and ivon oates at Rampisham Transmission Station. 

Here she combines long-form video and four channel soundwork in an aural space and painting. During the day viewers were invited to join her and consider the issues and possibilities of these media in an informal open studio event. 


D I V A c o n t e m p o r a r y

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