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Plastic Ocean
by ivon oates and David Rogers

Recorded by Nemeton



‘The Forest of Plasticity’ a Bournemouth Arts By The Sea (Fringe) event curated by Nemeton.



Plastic Ocean opens with Kate Moran speaking about her recordings from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Canada, highlighting the detrimental effects by humans of sound on whales, from a 2017 Radio 4 interview. 


ivon oates and David Rogers played a mix of 'plastic sounds' as a response to recordings of whales and dolphins, using plastic -the very same materials that pollute the oceans, to highlight the impending catastrophic imbalance to the environment. 


The piece ends with the devastating statistic that ….


'.... we are on the way to have the same weight of plastics in the global oceans, in 2050, as the weight of fish ...'

Erik Solheim 

Executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme

‘The Forest of Plasticity was essentially an event to increase the awareness of plastic pollution by repatriating plastic items collected from the beach, while transforming them into art objects. The idea was that if people valued plastic objects more, for example by making art out of them, they would be less likely to throw them away... as Plastic Ocean demonstrates superbly. I see this issue of low valuation as the basic problem causing the pollution, and as always, art is the answer... hopefully.’

Professor Adrian Newton(aka nemeton) 

Director Conservation Ecology Bournemouth University

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