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2012 on Film Nation's website:
"I’m delighted to tell you that your film, Night and Day, has been nominated in the Best Documentary/Experimental 17-19 category at the final Film Nation Shorts Awards! Congratulations on getting so many votes!


Right now, a host of film industry figures (including directors like Mike Leigh, journalists and critics from publications like Total Film and many more) are viewing the categories and deciding on the winners. Winning films will be shown at Olympic venues when the Games commence in July. There will be other prizes announced over the coming weeks.  You’ll be able to keep up to date with news on the awards on our website here":


"impossible architexture"


13th june to 24th july 2011

is a woven sound installation by Portland Rocks, a group of local young musicians, threading away from their well known work as 'junk band' extraordinaire to weave a textured soundscape in Brackenbury Infant School.

The site specific piece leads the visitor to hear and explore residues of sounds, found or created on site in response to the individual architecture of their aural imagination, including suggestions of memory, history, childhood and  'spaces between'......


An aural architectural soundpiece where  'instruments' are subordinate to the aural space and serve to articulate the character of the space enabling the listener to 'aurally visualize' the spatial geometry and moods.


sonic event + aural environment = aural architecture 


... when a space is exposed to full sonic illumination and you have sufficient cognitive skill to interpret the multiplicity of acoustic cues, you can actually 'aurally visualize' passive acoustic objects and the spatial geometry.... ("spaces speak, are you listening?",  

Barry Blesser and Linda- Ruth Salter)

Three stages of awareness and interpretation:

perception        cognition     contextualization/framing


sensation   recognition     affect (meaningfulness)

documentation of installation – 

video: David Rogers – 

sound: Portland Rocks – 

edit: David Rogers

installation remix – 

video: ivon oates – 

sound: Portland Rocks – 

edit: David Rogers

'night and day'

March 2012

night and day: film nation facilitation:

nominated in the Film Nation Shorts Awards for best documentary.


facilitation of young people's filmmaking, Portland.

facilitators: ivon oates and joe stevens

producers: PVA MediaLab


Night and Day offers teenagers' views on their life on Portland, Dorset and was created following the recent coverage of the "Portland Riots" with suggestions for improved relations, or a truce, within the community. It is an invitation to look beyond 'the first glance' of preconceptions, assumptions and hype to discover them as individuals - expressive and willing to improvise ... as are most people on Portland.


Film Nation introduces young people to film, supporting them in developing social and film making skills, and providing opportunities to discover new and non-mainstream film. Young people across the UK have the potential to take part in Film Nation: Shorts; a short film competition, through use of cutting edge digital technology. The project brings together the exciting new film talent which will emerge across the UK with outstanding international film makers.

Film Nation Shorts is a film competition for young people aged 14–25 to make short films, telling their own stories in their own way.


Monday, 19 March 2012

facilitation of young people's filmmaking, Portland.

facilitators: ivon oates and joe stevens

producers: PVA MediaLab


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