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s i g n s : beware large breaking waves

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

installation for countertext 2011, Bridport, dorset

reality -  dream  dangerous imagination – exploration?

“ …It was like the hum of countless children’s

voices - but yet not a hum, the echo rather of

voices singing at an infinite distance-blended by sheer impossibility trying to penetrate beyond mere hearing…”, the Castle, Kafka.

…”the aerial (or ariel) nature of sound,

….always implies some degree of insubstantiality and uncertainty, some potential for illusion or deception, some ambiguity of absence or presence, full or empty, enchantment or transgression. Through sound, the boundaries of the physical world are questioned, even threatened or undone by instability. Does sound rise out of solid life, or is it hallucination, a lack, this charm?.... Sinister Resonance, David Toop

The beaches of Lyme Bay and the chesil, which has its own migratory patterns moving with the tides, have a history of danger for the unwary. Would-be transgressors of boundaries are warned about venturing against the elements.

This coastline has many literary references and the beach as liminal space between sea and land is often the locus for transformative experience.

These two sound/visual works are composed of field recordings of the wind around warning signs on beaches along the Dorset coast from West Bexington to Charmouth.

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