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• resonant terrains • b side symposium

ivon oates, in collaboration with Juliette Adair, proposed a poetic and visual

partnering to reflect on the enigmnas surrounding ‘The Verne’. During the

‘resonant terrain’ symposium, issues of how the arts can flourish in current environments were deliberated by artists, arts administrators, curators and Arts Council England representatives. Meetings were informed by events posing glimpses into the Verne’s  life and history. Walks around the locations sonically explored Portland.

Led by Jez Riley French: a quiet position, Portland

Meeting, to walk, to listen - to spend some time  allowing locations to impose themselves on us. We can talk, ask questions of each other and simply take pleasure in re-focusing our ears. During this walk certain unconventional devices will be used to provide different ways to listen to sounds hidden from our naked ears - the meeting between the immediate and these audible silences widens our locale.

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