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audioLab 12.01

Medium: Video / Sound

Artists: ivon oates / Duncan Whitley

Presentation and screening of a collaborative site specific project by ivon oates and Duncan Whitley at Rampisham Transmission Station.

The work shown at AudioLab2012 is a collaborative project between myself and Duncan Whitley- I have a background in architecture, landscape design, visual and media-based arts, and Duncan’s in visual arts and sound and multi-media ethnographies, so we each brought our own individual approach and vision to form this sound and visual work.

The project began its development in 2010 with a SALT residency organized by PVA MediaLAb, who have been the main partner in this project as well as Rampisham transmission station.

I live near the rampisham site and frequently I have been transfixed by the sight and sounds of this unique place, so was amazed to get permission and be hosted by the overall project engineer for the site, to be invited to make recordings and film there. During the residency, assisted by Duncan, we recorded there and that’s’ when, talking with some of the riggers, the idea came to focus on the wind sounds in and around the curtain arrays.

The work comes from field recordings using contact mikes attatched to the arrays and long form video footage.

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